• IScanning in bar codes, even on bad or damaged prints.
  • Reading menu, point of sale, document processing, stock and others.
  • It can be used in both fixed and manual forms.
  • Ensures perfect operation and solutions for retail, logistics, manufacturing, distribution and all intermediate applications.
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E-POS provides the best scanning performance in bar codes, even on bad or damaged prints.

LINEAR IMAGER Scanner is suitable for a multitude of applications providing advanced reading capability.

Capture bar codes, from contact reading or distance. With a new ergonomic design allows the user to easily capture the desired bar code and complete the data transmission with a simple button.

  • Model: KDC-1200
  • Model: 2059
  • Color: White
  • Advanced high-resolution optics for capturing full bar codes, overlooking any type of dirt or gap.
  • Fast, accurate processing with safe results.
  • Operation in any environment, even in full sun exposure
  • Ergonometric design, generating more comfort at the time of shooting.
  • Designed to withstand daily and continuous use, without generating any kind of discomfort.
  • Hands-free base.
  • Quick implementation and start-up.
  • Optical sensor: Laser
  • Source of Light: 630 NM Visible Red LED
  • Receiving device: 3648 Linear Imager elements.
  • Answer time: 270 scans x sec
  • Working distance: From 2.5 cm to 17.8 cm
  • Print contrast: 30%
  • Capacity to decode: All popular PCs and terminals via keyboard wedge, keyboard replacement / direct connect, Apple ADB, USB, TTL level RS-232.
  • Múltiple Interfaces: RS-232; Keyboard interface (Keyboard Wedge); USB
  • Material: Plastic ABS (IP95)
  • Energy required: + 5V ± 10%
  • Temperature to operate: 0ºc to 50ºc
  • Dimesions: 190 x 60 x 54 mm
  • Net Weight: 150GM