KDC-4278 W

  • High quality, durability and performance.
  • Better scanning performance of bar codes.
  • Scan for faulty and dirty codes.
  • Ergonometric design, lightweight.
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The E-POS Wireless Barcode Reader facilitates remote work in all applications: reading menu, point of sale, document processing, stock and others.

With a new ergonomic design allows the user to easily capture the desired bar code and complete the data transmission with a simple button.

Its contoured handle adapts to different sizes of hands and also has a trigger, soft, comfortable and non-slip.

The KDC-4278 W is solid and sturdy construction, designed for demanding work environments. Unlike other products, E-POS provides the best scanning performance on barcodes, even on bad or damaged prints.

It does not need installation or commissioning processes. It is easy to use, that is why users do not need any training.

  • Superior reading speed and precision that eliminates any type of error or delay in obtaining the expected results.
  • It has a high resolution optical lens for the capture of complete bar codes, overlooking any type of dirt or hollow, obtaining a much faster, accurate and with safe results.
  • Wireless technology.
  • Quick installation - just plug in and start scanning.
  • Designed for daily and continuous use.
  • It can be used both indoors and outdoors, even in bright sunlight.
  • Optical sensor: Laser
  • Working distance: 100 MT
  • Depth of field: 10-20 mm (13 mil).
  • Scanning quantity: 100 x sec.
  • Charging time: By USB cable 100% 4 hs.
  • Resistance: blows
  • Material: Plastic ABS (IP65).
  • Power required: + 5V ± 5% 80mA.
  • Operating temperature: 0ºc to 40º c.
  • Dimensions: 160 x 68 x 88 mm.
  • Net weight: 195 gm