• Account bills.
  • Classify bills
  • Recommended for high volumes of bill counting.
  • Detects damaged bills.
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The E-POS counter and Classify bills was designed, developed and built to offer the best cost-efficiency.

ideal for counting, addition, batching, selection and detection of bills.

The equipment has a fake banknote detection system for all types of coins.

Recommended for high counting volumes in Banking, Financial and Game Rooms.

  • Model: BC-J2101
  • Count, Sum and Plot Functions
  • Classify bills
  • Detects damaged bills.
  • 800 pcs per minute
  • Display: Front
  • Count Speed: 800 pcs / min.
  • Dimensions: 20Cm x 30Cm x 36Cm
  • hopper capacity: 500 billetes.
  • Stacker Capacity: 200 billetes.
  • Rejecting bill capacity: 200 billetes.
  • Ticket Dimensions: 120mm x 60mm / 180mm x 80mm